About Us

Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Centre (LIASC) was established in year 2000 with the aim to provide the best services in cosmetic surgery and build new standards in well being industry in the region. Currently LIASC is providing its services in different cities of Asia including Karachi, Dubai, Islamabad, Lahore and Hyderabad with plans to expand in future. The most recent addition of LIASC’s geographic presence is Tunio Aesthetic that is located in Dubai Health Care City in UAE.

Our services are trusted everywhere and by listening to the people who experienced them, we’ve grown into one of the regions’ most successful cosmetic surgery service provider. As the way we all live and technology evolves, so do the means for one’s well being. At Laser Inn we aim to help people in their daily lives. Providing the best results in cosmetic industry, LIASC is distinctively known for naturalness and professionalism in aesthetic surgery services.

The LIASC team of well-qualified experts – led by internationally renowned Dr Zulfiqar Tunio – has worldwide repute for giving the patients wonderful results with scientifically advanced and gentle technique. Its multi-discipline experts specialize in hair transplantation, body sculpture, and skin care and treatment procedures that give you smooth, precise and permanent results.

You can take an appointment through a phone call or an email. Consultations at the LIASC are completely free of cost.

Quality & Care

LIASC’s commitment to excellence in service quality, innovation, value and results is backed not only by years of achievement, but by the full technological resources and the exceptional and most trained team. In addition to delivering quality services, as a leading cosmetic surgery centre, LIASC provides a unique, customer-focused and single-source solution for the complete personality transformation.

The strength of our company is our team of dedicated professionals who are ready to deliver the highest level of customer care & service and natural results known to the industry. Your safety and comfort are our number one priority. We perform procedures in our on-site state of the art surgery Centre which has the most modern equipment available.

Our Values

At LIASC, we drive our business with a foundation of Core Values which include Great Service, Integrity, Best Team, Innovation and Truth. At LIASC, we live these values every day. These values are and will continue to be the foundation of our company.

Our Services

Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Centre has focused and purpose built centers to enable our patients in choosing the best “State-of-the-Art” cosmetic treatments that would accomplish goals with outstanding results. LIASC aims not only to roll back the clock but wants to provide the best possible personality options. The moment you step into any of LIASC’s centre, you will find yourself in the very capable hands of one of the best cosmetic plastic surgeons.

Hair Transplant

At LIASC, our strength is our Hair Transplant facilities. We have adapted to the modern techniques like FUE to provide our clients with the best hair transplant facilities in Pakistan. Our Benchmark is that we have set international standards for our Hair Transplant facilities to provide our customers with modern facilities at a lesser cost comparatively.

LIASC Body Contouring Centre

The LIASC Body Contouring Centre emphasizes on advanced use of its facility and procedures to shape your body in its perfect form. LIASC’s Body Contouring services offer a wide range of body-tuning, weight-loss fixes and contouring possibilities to improve and revert back to the natural shape your body deserves. The advanced facility utilizes the most effective combination of state-of-the-art technologies under careful supervision of highly qualified experts in the field of surgery and nutrition.

This advanced micro-technique is unique as it does not require stitches and leaves no marks or scars on your body. You may walk home as early as on the second day post procedure, and can resume normal work within 72 hours.

LIASC Skin Centre

This is an advanced skin care centre where qualified aesthetician and dermal therapists offer an amazing range of dermatology and cosmetology treatments from skin rejuvenation programmes to removing skin blemishes, wrinkles, broken capillaries and age spots. The advanced laser hair removal programme let you be “hair free where you want to be”.