Post Operative Instruction

1. Avoid injury or scratching on the area where hair transplant procedure has been done, for 10 days
2. Do not bend forward for first 24 hours.
3. For first two days lay straight on the bed.
4. Do not put oil or water on your head for first 48 hours.
5. After 48 hours wash your head with a mixture of fresh water and baby shampoo, do not touch the scalp and keep pouring the water till the shampoo is cleared.
6. Avoid swimming and jogging for 15 days.
7. Avoid weight lifting and heavy exercise for one month.
8. Avoid wearing a cap for 3 days.
9. In case of itching only press it gently.
10. For initial 10 days comb carefully at the area of surgery.
11. Do not forget to get the stitches removed after 10 days of the procedure.
12. Please use the recommended medicines as advised.