Pre Operative Instruction

1. Stop smoking tobacco, and taking alcohol, tea, coffee, pan and soft drinks 24 hours prior to surgery.
2. Avoid the use of aspirin or any other medicines with the advice of the five days prior to surgery.
3. Abstain from extensive exercise, including sexual activity, 24 hour prior to surgery.
4. Discontinue the use of vitamins five days prior to surgery.
5. On the day of operation, take full meal but without tea or coffee.
6. If you use medicine regularly, you must bring it along.
7. Wear a front open button shirt on the day of surgery.

Medical Condition

1. If you are allergic to any medicine, or already taking any medicine, inform us about the situation.
2. If you have any physical or medical problem please inform us before the surgery.


Wash your hair with a non-medicated shampoo before coming to the surgery.